Benchmark Television: Tuesday, 23 February 2016
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Benchmark Television
Ethics and professional responsibility/Practice Legal Ethics
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Sarah Hill and Michelle Daniels on Undue Influence
In this edition of Benchmark Television, Sarah Hill (Barrister) and Michelle Daniels (Barrister) discuss undue influence, with particular reference to recent cases decided by the New South Wales Supreme Court.
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Martin Luitingh and Terry Grace on Advocates’ Immunity in Australia
Advocates’ immunity has been a controversial topic for many years. Barrister Martin Luitingh argues that Australia is alone in maintaining the immunity and should abandon it.
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Sarah Hill and Michelle Daniels present on legal capacity
Sarah Hill and Michelle Daniels discuss the common law presumption of sanity, and the tests for determining whether somebody is capable of managing their own affairs or making a will.
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Dr Robert Fisher and Geraldine Doogue on Mental Health and the Legal Profession
Renowned journalist Geraldine Doogue interviews Head of Department of Psychiatry and Psychological Services at St Vincent’s Clinic and St Vincent’s Private Hospital Dr Robert Fisher. All members of the profession must watch this production.
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Dai Le and Reynah Tang on the Bamboo Ceiling in the Australian Legal Profession
Australian Lawyers with Asian heritage participating in the profession.
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Professor Neil Foster with Ian Benson on Religious Freedom and the Constitution
Professor Neil Foster from Newcastle University discusses freedom of religion under Australian law.
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